Imagine Yourself Leading Your Ideal Business...  & Picture Yourself Living A Balanced & Joyful Life! Painting This Brighter Future Requires The Right Tools and Techniques!
 It all begins with a written Business Plan
Most Successful Businesses Actively Utilize a Written Business Plan
Why Choose to Hire a Business Plan Consulting Firm The simplest reasons are time and experience. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), the average business plan takes over forty hours for an Entrepreneur/Owner to complete. This is valuable time that could be spent growing your business! Some entrepreneurs feel that they should write their own plan because they fully understand their concept. However, calling a professional in to write the plan makes perfect sense. You already call on these specialists: IT professionals to assist with hardware and software development, Accountants to deal with tax or financial planning issues, Lawyers for any legal matters. Commercial Insurance Agents for Liability situations Specialists in each profession provide valuable insight and objectivity that the entrepreneur or management team may miss, and that insight and objectivity can make all the difference. We Write the Business Plan This leaves you, the busy entrepreneur, free to grow your business. Our extensive consultation process will give us all of the information we need to generate your plan. If there are things you wish to add or modify, you can simply request unlimited modifications within the 20 days after plan completion. We can Help You Paint Your Brighter Future... Today!
We Segment our Plans into Three Main Categories Based on Your Needs: Looking for a proof of concept or working to raise initial funds and or create a formal Loan Request. 1. Basic Business Plan – Averages 20-25 (all inclusive) pages and includes basic material about the market, the product, the management team and the short and long-term goals of the firm. Already moved beyond initial funding needs and are now looking to raise all operational and marketing aspects of the business. Looking to raise capital to significantly expand your operations, marketing, development and hiring programs. 2. Strategic Business Plan – A more robust version of the Basic Plan. The Strategic plans are presented in greater detail, depth and breadth. Full SWOT analysis, review of potential new markets, customers and products are examined and strategies for product differentiation are explored. Firms looking to raise institutional venture capital from qualified financial professionals or you are preparing to sell your Business. 3. Financial Operational Business Plan – Most detailed plan we offer. More complex than our Strategic Plan, it averages 50 plus pages in length and goes into great detail about the market, the industry, the competitive landscape, the management team, funding needs, financial forecasts and exit strategies. Analysis includes paid market /industry research from multiple sources.
We Provide a Variety of Important Professional Services: Call us today for a free initial discovery consultation about any of our services and how we can be of service to you and your business.
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1. Basic Business Plan Writing

   2. Business, Market, Product Consulting

      3. S.W.O.T. Analysis

         4. Strategic Planning (& facilitation)

            5. Marketing Plans & PR Writing

               6. Grant Research and Grant Writing

               7. Website and Web Market Analysis

            8. Personal Life Coaching

         9. Peer Group Business Coaching

      10. New Business Start-up

   11. Loan Requests & Special Packages

12. Business Sale / Valuation Package